One Race, One Earth


A lot of people may have already read articles and posts of the same nature for the Nth time but have you ever wondered why we do not see a more concerned society for the well-being of the environment? Of course we can argue that there is a large number of NGOs, communities, associations and other social bodies that campaign greatly for the protection and preservation of Mother Earth but we haven’t really seen a radical change in the overall attitude of the world’s population towards living in harmony and coexisting with nature.


More than reading and listening, action is the most important part in any campaign and unfortunately, we do not see that much participation. I understand that we face a lot of different problems all throughout the globe and sadly we seem to overlook the one problem that affects us all—as the humans that we are. We are so engaged in the politics of who will inherit the land and whose country will lead the world; the never ending fight for who is right and who is wrong; and the battle to show one another who is superior and who is inferior. Through the years we have created divisions. We allow beliefs, social status and political differences to identify ourselves. We tend to forget the simple fact that we are all part of the same race—the human race. We have forgotten about respect because of the desire to be better than others. We have pushed ourselves to the limits only to bring others down. We have become monsters, finding happiness in the sorrow of other people. We need to retrace our steps and walk back at the right path. We need to stand up for the belief that it matters not if you are a Christian or that you are a Muslim; if you are a republican or that you are a democrat; if you are black or that you are white; if you are rich or that you are poor because what matters is that we are all humans and we should be helping each other regardless of our differences. And that we should not look down on someone unless we are helping them stand up.

Until we are able to realize that, we will never be one and we will continue not to recognize the one problem that we all share—climate change. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who wins in the conflicts that we fight because by then there might not be an Earth to live at. There might not be land to stand on, air to breathe or water to drink. We have to understand that the first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one and climate change is a real problem we all have to face together—not as an American, an African, a European, an Asian or any other identification you identify yourself as, but as Humans.

Earth is Humanity’s Home
Everything we need to live we get from the Earth and its environment, whether directly or indirectly. For that very reason we have to join together in helping to preserve and protect it. This is not only our help to ourselves but for the future generations as well. Over the years we have seen species go extinct and resources run dry, so let us not blind ourselves from the fact that the problem of climate change is real because immediate actions are of great need to reduce its effects. This is a serious problem especially since nature can possibly survive without humans but we cannot without nature. So for the assurance of a bright day ahead, I hope that we can get over our differences through respect and come together to take care of the environment while time is still on our side.


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