An Opening Act


Hello to you reader! I am Nikko and this is my very first blog post—an opening act. By this time I am currently a university student studying Mass Communication in Manila, Philippines. I was born in the province of Eastern Samar, the easternmost part of the Samar Island in the Visayas Region, away from the fast-paced lifestyle and the excitement the city has to offer. I grew up in the rather quaint town that is Maydolong, a not-so-big town sitting beside the Pacific coast pretty much like its neighbors, where I was shaped and honed into the person that I am now for more than half of the years that I have lived.

As a kid, I really loved science—in my head I’ve always questioned things; I aspired for intelligence—and although I was the kind to regularly go out with friends, I wasn’t made for the spotlight and would rather not get myself involved in activities where I would have to showcase myself and my skills. I always had ideas circling around my head. Unfortunately, I was first to none when in comes to initiative in sharing my thoughts and expressing my belief. Regardless of that, I did have a thing for writing. I have written quite a number of stories, all of which known only to me and my family, and they were all inspired by stories and facts from the books and encyclopedias I grew fond of reading.

High school – Romeo (left) and Me (right) | Credits to: Ariana

I still enjoyed writing even during high school but it was all the same; I never really cultivated my writing or even have it known to others very publicly.  I just enjoyed writing and I even started drawing a little bit because I really liked expressing my ideas through pen and paper. And somehow through that I didn’t realize how much (although not remarkably) I improved my writing.

Somehow, things changed during college when I started studying Mass Communication especially since I major in journalism. I found a greater meaning and a new sense of purpose when it comes to writing. Now I want to write not only so I can express myself or that people will enjoy my writing but because they need to be informed. Now I want to write so I can be of service to the public and be a servant to my moral obligation to challenge those that seek to put an end to the freedom that is rightfully ours. In contrast, I decided to start a blog not to fulfill that purpose, but rather to distance myself from that purpose for even just a few moments at a time. The very nature of journalism limits me from my opinions; from the voice that speaks in my head.

And that is the reason I wanted to start a blog. I want to be able write about the thoughts in my head and the beliefs I uphold whenever I want to. I hope to inspire and supplement you readers with significant and interesting experiences, stories and ideas I have for the thought of empowering you and for the sake of a good exchange of knowledge between me and you. That is why I am also hoping to hear from readers like you as well. I hope that my blog will be way for us to have a free and healthy exchange of ideas about things I may come to write about in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and God bless.


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